Computer Vision

You don’t always need an entire high-quality image for insights!

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This article aims to present the amalgamation of lossy and lossless compression for building a hybrid approach based on Region Of Interest that provides a high compression ratio and serves the purpose of efficient storage and transmission without affecting the accuracy.

Presently, we have entered an era where information holds value more than anything else. It has been a crucial thing to store and maintain massive amount of data for future insights. For this, we need a huge capacity for storage and high bandwidth to transfer the data.

In many sectors, we deal with large number of image datasets including…

A quick walk through the underrated libraries in Python which will make your work effortless

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Python is more than amazing, isn’t it? Whatever task we have to do, python has its solution whether it be related to Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Image Processing, or any simple task like finding a meaning of a word. Python provides a huge collection of libraries for various kinds of simple as well as difficult tasks.

Most of the people interested in Data Science will be aware of the libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, OpenCV, Plotly, and many more that are used in ML. But there are many other libraries which are equally amazing for small requirements.


A brief introduction to Creative AI, DeepDream and its implementation

Ever wondered what a neural network sees within hidden layers when we input an image? Is AI capable of generating movies or creative paintings and images or games by itself? Is AI as creative as the human is?

We will try to find out the answers to these questions through this blog. :)

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  • Introduction
  • Examples of Creative AI
  • DeepDream Model
  • Implementation of DeepDream
  • Conclusion


“Creative AI is the branch of Artificial Intelligence in which AI can create paintings, movies, music, games, and many more creative arts just as a human does. ”

We all know that AI has taken…

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